Mirror, mirror in your eyes,
I see but one reflection
and it’s stolen my disguise.
Hard to recognize and
unable to understand.
Happiness erupts where
my sadness ran.

You tear down my walls,
you burn down my bridges –
only to step over the destruction
and hold out your hand.

Who am I and
what have I become?
It’s funny how my wrongs
evolved into rights -
my darkness has become light.
If I live my life in happiness,
I won’t be left alone.

A million hands are pulling me
a million eyes are watching me.
Which way should I go?
Am I being so deplorable?
I feel so happy yet
I feel so bad.

To feel your incredible love,
To have your genuine trust.
Your childlike faith has made me believe.

Mirror, mirror in your eyes,
I finally see and
I finally understand.
It’s me that lives in your eyes.

- Alicia LaJoie