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Dance of the Dissident Daughter
Sue Monk Kidd

Kidd risked a lot to take this journey towards the feminine divine, and managed for forge a place for herself and her daughter within God’s arms. Readers may sometimes find themselves rolling their eyes at Kidd’s rather privileged journey to discovery. Still, many Christian women (and Men) looking for a broader understanding of God have finished this book feeling inspired, empowered, and ready to uncover the feminine face of God.

The Tipping Point
Malcom Gladwell

I’m an early adapter — what are you? Whether he’s tracking the spread of gonorrhea, keeping tabs on fashion trends, or mapping the dissemination of ideologies; Gladwell instructs and entertains at every turn of the page. A must-read for anyone who’s trying to start a movement; spread an idea; or find an audience.

A Generous Orthodoxy…
Brian McLaren

Brian promotes a big-tent Christianity, focused on Jesus rather than arcane theological disputes.

The Secret Message of Jesus
Brian McLaren

Okay, so McClaren plays too heavily on the current pop culture interest in the DaVinci Code. Still, this is a captivating book for lay readers who want to re-think the core meaning of Jesus’ life and message.


A New Kind of Christian

The Story We Find Ourselves In

The Last Word (and the word after that)
Brian McLaren

If you are a traditional church-goer who has felt kind of squirmy at Sunday morning services lately, we strongly suggest dipping into this trilogy. Here McClaren presents emerging/post-modern theology in the form of conversations between two fictional friends. Easy to read, it will scratch where it itches. Especially recommended to Evangelical readers.


Celebrating the Christian Year

Celebrating the Biblical Feasts
Martha Zimmerman

Zimmerman puts years of family practice into these homey books. Each chapter provides an overview of a given holiday and the traditions surrounding it, along with suggestions for menus, rituals, and even crafts. I return to these books frequently when I need the basics, then springboard off of them with innovations that suit our own urban context.


Soul Shaper
Tony Jones

Jones has been cranking out the books lately, which leaves his texts lacking a certain depth. But this easy-to-use handbook of tradition spiritual disciplines is just the thing to get you jump started with simple practices like lectio diving (holy reading), centering prayer, and the ignatian examen. It’s written for youth pastors, but widely applicable to users of any age.


Mudhouse Sabbath
Lauren Winner

Multi-lingual in Orthodox Judaism and Episcopalian Christianity, Winner shows us her adaptation of Jewish practices in this concise portable collection of essays. Each chapter reads in about 15 minutes – a slim, inspiring book of essays you can throw in your bag and take it to you favorite coffee shop for a quick, clever read.


A String and a Prayer
Handy tips for how to string and secure beads, plus loads of information on traditional “meanings” behind colors, stones, and symbols. Also included are helpful ideas about how to memorialize a love one and how to pray with beads through times of transition.