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The Wonder Worker
Susan Howatch

In this clever series from British author Susan Howatch, a spiritually gifted Anglican priest Jonathan Darrow struggles to use his charismatic gifts wisely and well. Charismatic drama and high church theology meet in this riveting novel. Start here, then read the back story in Howatch’s earlier Darrow novels.

The Red Tent
Anita Diamant

What song did our spiritual foremothers sing? Diamant’s stories of Biblical women exercising their power in subversive but influential ways is captivating. This novel sparks the imagination, inspite of cultural and anthropological anachronisms. If you can suspend your disbelief a bit when characters commit acts that don’t align with their time or culture, you may find yourself thinking in new ways about Biblical tales and their tellers.

The Poisonwood Bible
Barbara Kingsolver

Like an old family Bible passed down through generations, this lengthy novel traces the life of one missionary family through the eyes and voices of all five family members. When the “hertical” missionary they’ve come to replace proves to be the one who brings real shalom to the community, the family must reinterpreted what they’ve done and what they’ve been sent to do. Kingsolver, already a gifted writer, outdoes herself in the lengthy but aborbing tale. This book will prompt you to say, “I’m sorry” and inspire you to see things through many other sets of eyes.

Alias Grace
Margaret Atwood

Atwood is a tremendously talented writer and is already down in the history book as one of Canada’s finest modern authors. In this novel a everyday household servant has some otherworldly experiences. A murder mystery and metaphysical thriller rolled up in one riveting read.