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Summer Reflections before a Sabbatical

It is the last day of May and my children are scampering through the sprinklers. It is like miracle, to be this lovely and warm so early in the sunny season. It feels as though the whole city is breathing a sigh of relief and sinking back into the lawn furniture, which they’ve only just now got brave enough to pull out from the basement to expose to the elements.

It’s Monkfish Abbey night –which, for those of you reading this post on my Magpie Girl site—is a small house church/spiritual growth community that we’ve hosted for several years now. The RSVP’s for this week have been trickling in and our numbers are teeny tiny. The summer siren song … {read more…}

A Meditation on The Feminine Divine

The week before Mother’s Day we did this meditation at Monkfish Abbey. I’m interested in trying to capture images that speak to the feminine aspects of God, and this was our attempt at retrieving our foremother’s knowledge, lost to us when only men became the scribes. (Read a little more about that here.) The really interesting visualization phrases are about two-thirds of the way down, so scroll down if you only have time to read that bit.

This led us to have a very interesting conversation about gender, and God, and self-identity. I wish I could have recorded it all and just podcast it here. My dear monkity monks are stunningly insightful. I feel privlidged to be exploring with … {read more…}

A Healing Rite with Hot Stones

I hosted a time of healing for the monks a couple of weeks ago. I still feel like it’s very brave of me to do things like this. Even though I’ve been doing them off and on for a couple of years now. Even though they are usually well received. I have to gather all my energy and concentration to walk people through this kind of meditative work without feeling (and sounding) like a flibbertigibbet. (Which is actually what I am best at, flibberdigibbeting.) At any rate, I thought I’d post the basic outline of what I did, in case it appeals to anyone else out there.

Note: I used special “facial massage stones” which I paid a ridiculous amount … {read more…}

Then and Now

My dear friend Jen made this beautiful video about women in Christianity as a part of a course at SPU. I dare you to watch it without crying — for the beauty and for the sorrow.

Watch here.

As always, when a woman in the church mentions the injustice and pain that our religious history has caused, and that much of our religious present is casuing, there is a backlash. So maybe you could go say something supportive to Jen here.

Much love, my sisters.

-the urban abbess

Lent and Beyond

It’s Holy Week, the final days of the Lenten season and the turn to Eastertide. My own Lenten practice this year was to create more silence in my life, especially in the car where I’m only just now beginning to feel the “what’s going on in the world” affect of not listening to NPR for several weeks. Silence is such and important, but difficult, discipline for me. I need it to clear my head of negative migraine energy, to make space for new things to grow, and to nuture reflection on this Jesus-y season.

During Lent I’ve been tooling about with some bead work. A few Lenten seasons ago I took up the habit of praying the Anglican version … {read more…}

For Soulful Kids

I’ve finally finished three chapters of my book project currently subtitled “12 Spiritual Practices for Soulful Kids.” This, plus the (finished) introduction and some (unfinished) collateral materials will begin their hopeful rounds of publishing houses in the next two weeks. If you have any contacts you would lovingly like to share with me, now is the time. (publishing contacts? agents?)

For now, you can sample the chapter on the Anger Altar at my other site here. I’ll be keeping it up for two days and then selfishly taking back down again to hoard it for a book offer. :-)

Thanks for reading along faithfully with me until it was time for something good to get born!

-Your Urban … {read more…}

Hiver: A Zine for Midwinter

Many of you have traveled with me through the saga of chronic migrianes. About a year and a half ago I wrote about packing up all of my art-and-writing projects and putting them in the box headed for the basement. When I did that I had just begun on and idea for a ‘zine — actually for a series of ‘zines — and that is the project who’s death I mourned the most.

It’s truly a sign of my increasing health then, to introduce to you my first, flawed attempt at a ‘zine.


This tiny edition, Hiver, is a collection of essays, songs, recipies, and petite pieces of art to get you through the grey … {read more…}

Winter Solstice

I am gathering up yards of fabric, wrapping it around my forearms, letting it move through my hands. It slips across the threshold of the sewing machine, changing before my eyes from simple yardage into the magic of a gypsy tent.

I gather the lengths up in my arms, run up the stairs to a room large enough for its spread. I measure and clip, and pin; then run down the stairs again to sew another long, almost-perfect seam. Through the din of an almost-ignorable migraine and the slight fuzz of vasoconstrictors, I watch as the purple velvet joins the blue-on-blue stripe knit joins the panels of mahogany micro suede joins the remnants of dark denim embellished with ivory ribbons. … {read more…}

Finding our Voice — ‘Jane D.’ on the Couch

A few weeks ago I offered this, my viritual living room, as a place for women to tell thier stories of painful interaction with what has been described as the ‘hard complementairan’ model preached at Mars Hill Church.

Although I have been honored to hear some women’s stories about thier experience at Mars Hill Church, these stories, out of fear of verbal retribution, have been told in confidence and so I have not posted them.

I recently recieved this story from someone who wishes to remain anonymous on the blog (though she has revealed her identity to me via email conversations.) It’s a telling tale, one I feel is told in a genuine, measured, and mature manner. In … {read more…}