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Fire Sale for Simple Way

I’ve been meaning to hold a book sale for awhile, and now seems like the opportune time.

Most of these books are used, some more so than others, but while some may have a bit of underlining, many are brand spanking new and just languishing on my shelves.

So here’s the deal, you email me with your address and I’ll send you a paypal invoice and your books. Each book is Just $5, plus $3 for shipping (U.S. only please.)

Half the proceeds will go to the Simple Way community and thier neighbors to rebuild after the fire. You can also donate directly to the cause and advocate with the Mayor to do something good in the … {read more…}

Summer Reflections before a Sabbatical

It is the last day of May and my children are scampering through the sprinklers. It is like miracle, to be this lovely and warm so early in the sunny season. It feels as though the whole city is breathing a sigh of relief and sinking back into the lawn furniture, which they’ve only just now got brave enough to pull out from the basement to expose to the elements.

It’s Monkfish Abbey night –which, for those of you reading this post on my Magpie Girl site—is a small house church/spiritual growth community that we’ve hosted for several years now. The RSVP’s for this week have been trickling in and our numbers are teeny tiny. The summer siren song … {read more…}

A Different Kind of Creed

Recently I had lunch with a bunch of visiting pastors and rabbis from the eastern seaboard. One of the women was a Unitarian minister with a jones for Jesus. When I described Monkfish Abbey, she wrote down the “rule” of her congregation. I like it so much, I’m giving it to you here:

“Love is the doctrine of this church.
The quest for turth is our sacrament,
and service is our prayer.
To dwell together in peace,
and to help one another in fellowship is our deep desire,
that all shall grow into harmony with the Divine.”

How does that work for you?

Thought Provoking Quipps

Two fabulous Sara Vowell quotes to be loved by pomo’s everywhere…

“The otherside of moral certainty is closed mindedness. Give the choice, I prefer chaos and confusion.”

“The flight between questions is a workable system”

A Meditation on The Feminine Divine

The week before Mother’s Day we did this meditation at Monkfish Abbey. I’m interested in trying to capture images that speak to the feminine aspects of God, and this was our attempt at retrieving our foremother’s knowledge, lost to us when only men became the scribes. (Read a little more about that here.) The really interesting visualization phrases are about two-thirds of the way down, so scroll down if you only have time to read that bit.

This led us to have a very interesting conversation about gender, and God, and self-identity. I wish I could have recorded it all and just podcast it here. My dear monkity monks are stunningly insightful. I feel privlidged to be exploring with … {read more…}

Grid::Blog::Via Crucis 2007 - Yes, With the Help of the Lord


Presider: Do you believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God?
Assembly: I believe in Jesus Christ, his only son our Lord. He was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary…

See, already I’m having trouble.

Two years ago I started only sometimes believing Jesus was actually God. I don’t know if my rational post-enlightenment self can really hang on to the literal interpretation that Jesus was God, a deity. (Oh my poor in-laws are having such heart attacks right now. Try not to panic my loves. It comes and goes — sort of like mono.)

It all started when one of the pre-school moms’ discovered that I was … {read more…}

Church-y Things

I’ve been avoiding obviously church-y things for awhile. The whole of organized protestantism has been bugging me, and I cannot trust myself to be nice in those situations. Like Rich said to Rose when she came back from Africa full of social justice vengence — “I think you need to process what you’ve experienced more before you talk to ANYONE.”

But last weekend I dipped my toe into the church-y waters, and really, it was okay. I attended Off the Map’s “Inside the Missional Matrix” mini-conference and coached some folks on how to live in a Monkfish Abbeyish kind of way. All the people who were there were practitioners (not theoriticians), and all of them were truly … {read more…}

Add to Your Library (You Know you Want To)

Today I guest-lectured at Baake Graduate University for my friend Neil Tibbot, professor and missional community specialist. These are the books I recommended: (in no particular order)

The Celtic Way of Evangelism: How Christianity Can Reach the West…Again

Flirting With Monasticism: Finding God on Ancient Paths (Haven’t actually read but got an advance copy and it looks interesting. A female writer!)

A Heretic\’s Guide to Eternity (one of my favorite postmodern church type books…but then you know how I feel about heretics.)

The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference (a must for anyone … {read more…}

Other People Play Too

Someone emailed me recently asking me about visiting MFA (this happens a couple of times a month.) This time the guy was flying in from out of town, so I gave him a list of people-I-like who he might want to check out while he was here. (I’m all for getting the biggest bang out of your flying buck.) After I typed it up, I realized other cyberfolks might want the info too. If nothing else, the wide variety of how these folks live as Jesus-y people should inspire you. This is by no means a comprehensive list of the pomo hotbed that is Seattle, but it’s a nice pupu platter. Feel free to add your own reccomended communities in … {read more…}

There’s Just Something About that Name

It’s Lent, the time when our family spends 40 days traveling with Jesus. Reading stories about him. Remembering the stories he told.

It’s also the time I start asking “what if” questions.

What if Jesus was not God, but a man, closely connected to God but not in and of himself divine? Would I honor his words any less?

What if Jesus had been in love, had married, maybe even have had children? Would I love him less or more?

What if Jesus had a message about how to live that the church spent decades misinterpreting? Could the most basic meaning be re-discovered?

What if Jesus’ death on the cross was a tragedy, but not atonement? What if it was more important that … {read more…}