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Fire Sale for Simple Way

I’ve been meaning to hold a book sale for awhile, and now seems like the opportune time.

Most of these books are used, some more so than others, but while some may have a bit of underlining, many are brand spanking new and just languishing on my shelves.

So here’s the deal, you email me with your address and I’ll send you a paypal invoice and your books. Each book is Just $5, plus $3 for shipping (U.S. only please.)

Half the proceeds will go to the Simple Way community and thier neighbors to rebuild after the fire. You can also donate directly to the cause and advocate with the Mayor to do something good in the … {read more…}

Simple Way Community Fire

I know I said I wasn’t posting here for the summer, but a dear sibling community, Simple Way is in deep need right now. Here’s what I wrote at Magpie. If you know Shane and the tribe, or if this situation “rings” with you, please consider giving to these folks in Philly.


One of the best examples of humilty I can think of is Simple Way. Simple Way is a tiny community in Philedelpia’s inner core who try to live a (re)newed kind of Christianity which focuses on taking care of their neighborhood, the earth, and each other. Living at or below poverty level, these generous, clever, imaginative folks have found stunningly do-able ways to support and celebrate the … {read more…}

Bloggers Choice

Oooo…look what ‘Becca did! Vote for me pretty please!

My site was nominated for Best Religion Blog!

You can vote more than once, I think, if you vote on a different day. Click here.

Inspired by St. Lucia and St. Valentine…

a blessing for all the single people from my heart to yours on Valentine’s Day.

I bless you in the midst of your Singleness;
In the ebb and the flow of it,
In the hot and the cold of it.

May you enjoy the gift of independence.
May you travel far and make brave choices.
May you find love within yourself,
In the arms of God,
And in the hearts of others.

I bless you in the name of Lucy,
Single and Whole,
Who refused to marry at the demands
of convenience and culture,
Proclaiming instead satisfaction with her singleness,
And in doing so lighting the way for others.

I bless you in the name of Valentine,
Brave and Kind,
Who brought marriage to those who desired
{read more…}

Toasty Warm

There’s nothing like being snowed in to get me baking. Here’s a new reciepe for making zwieback rolls. Hopefully, my yeast will rise properly and we’ll have warm rolls for dinner. I have a habit of praying for the people who are coming to dinner while I knead the bread — sort of like working us all into one common loaf. May your baking be a prayerful habit too!

Something Good Finally Got Itself Born!

My new arty website if FINALLY up! I’m so happy I could sing and dance. There are still some empty pages, and loads of content yet to come, especially on the recommendation page. But do, Do, DO go check out for me si vous plait. It’s right here:

Magpie Girl


“It’s time to clear off the table for church….”

And Now, A Word About Tone….

Rebecca mentioned to me recently that my ‘voice’ on this blog is fluxtuating wildly between “priestessy mystic person” and “sassifrass jones who worships at the throne of Heather Armstrong.”

I know! I know!

The girlie girl in me who loves a good lipgloss tip (Almay whipgloss in raspberry is my pick of the week) has been intermingling a lot with the wise pre-crone I am aging-to-be.

I’m trying to solve the rapid back-and-forth of my writing voice by opening a new blog at (not live yet.) However, because I can’t afford a graphic designer so I’m learning how to:

1) illustrate
2) do webdesign

…you know, in my “free time.” Given that the children haven’t had a full day … {read more…}



afterglow kitchen

afterglow office
(Picks from a morning after a ‘typical’ Monkfish Abbey gathering, two or three weeks ago.)

After a full week of Monkfish Abbey — by which I mean a week in which I both cook and provide an art-based practice — the house looks like a hurricane. Though I had to do neither last night (thanks for dinner Jen R!) I’m still thankful to the monks who stayed late last night and helped clear the kitchen and dinning room. Thanks Rebecca, Ammelia, Daniel, Lindell, and Darlene! And of course, thank you to Paul, the long-suffering ‘pastor’s husband’ who cleans the kitchen nearly … {read more…}

Evil Trickster (The Evil Temptressess Sequel)

Oh! Oh! Oh no!

My beloved lovlies at the Fremont Arts Council did not know that Mark Driscoll is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and unknowingly rented his church as the site for our Winter Solstice Feast. Alas! That’s like pouring nuclear run off into a mountain spring! The Arts Council is open and affirming, and Mark’s church is….well, to put it mildly, decided NOT! One of my favorite FAC members, Sky — he of the elegant evening gowns — has just ask the council to consider finding another spot. Sadly, the feast is only about a month away and sites are hard to find.

Oh, please, Please, PLEASE light a candle for the FAC and send all your best … {read more…}