Monkfish Abbey met together as a community from early 2003 until fall of 2007, when their hosting family moved to Copenhagen, Denmark. This site is a record of our history together. We hope you can find help and companionship here. Our Abbess, Rachelle Mee-Chapman is still writing about spirituality and new religious rites and rituals (among other things) at Magpie Girl. If you are looking for a community in Seattle, we highly recommend Church of the Apostles at the Fremont Abbey. Many blessings to you on your continued journey!

rachelle in helene's hatI am Rachelle Mee-Chapman, a woman in her thirties with a fistful of passions. For many years now I have been involved in what is commonly known as “ministry.” But since 2001 I’ve practiced that ministry in uncommon ways. Still an ordained pastor, I have left my post at a traditional church and am now the Abbess of Monkfish Abbey, a generous soulcare community that meets in our Seattle home. I adore offering what I know about art-based contemplative practices to those who gather here, and I get deep satisfaction from watching new practices emerge out of our ever-changing community.

The title I carry with me in my head has shifted from “pastor” to “spiritual director,” and then again to a new passsion-title – “artist.” When I was a child the first thing I want to be was a writer. Now approaching middle age, I am finally pursuing that dream. I’ve also become enamored with collage work – both as a spiritual practice and as an art form – and am actively working to increase my skills in that field of play.

My other passions include yoga, conversations with neighbors and friends, really good chai, and time in my studio in the Fremont SPACE building.

I adore my husband Paul, who offers me support, challenge, and companionship for this odd-ball journey. And nothing brings me more satisfaction than seeing the sleepy eyes of my daughters, Eden and Cate, as they wander into my bed each morning. I’m also ridiculously attached to my neighbor and pseudo-child, Souren, our sometimes-teenager who lives with us about a third of the year while his mother travels.

I am available for speaking engagements, workshops facilitation, and freelance writing assignments on topics such as art-based contemplative practices, neo-monasticism, and feminine spirituality. You can reach me at moi [at] magpie-girl [dot] com.

Thanks for being here!