Fire Sale for Simple Way

I’ve been meaning to hold a book sale for awhile, and now seems like the opportune time.

Most of these books are used, some more so than others, but while some may have a bit of underlining, many are brand spanking new and just languishing on my shelves.

So here’s the deal, you email me with your address and I’ll send you a paypal invoice and your books. Each book is Just $5, plus $3 for shipping (U.S. only please.)

Half the proceeds will go to the Simple Way community and thier neighbors to rebuild after the fire. You can also donate directly to the cause and advocate with the Mayor to do something good in the neighborhood. Thanks for all your help and happy shopping!

Email your orders to: –sale is over– and include:
1) Which titles you’d like
2) your snail mail address

P.s. Tell a friend!

-The Urban Abbess

Books For Sale

New Titles
Telling God’s Story, John W. Wright
SOLDFlirting with Monasticism, Karen E Sloan
Flirting with Monasticism, Karen E Sloan (copy two)
The Beautiful Ache, Leigh McLeroy (two copies)
Picturing the Gospel, Neil Livingstone

Women in the Church
Women in the Church’s Ministry: A Test Case for Biblical Interpretation, R.T. France
Daughters of the Church, Ruth A. Tucker, Walter Liefeld

Postmodern Church

Church Next: Quantum Changes in How We Do Ministry, Eddie Gibbs
SOLDThe Last Word and the Word After That, Brian McClaren (an extra copy)
SOLDSearching for God Knows What, Donald Miller
Missional Church: A vision for the Sending of the Church in N. America, Wayne Gruder
Stories of Emergence, Yaconelli
My Faith So Far, Patton Dodd (2 Copies)

Spiritual Practices/Worship
SOLD!< em>The Sacred Way: Spiritual Practices for Everyday Life, Tony Jones
Circle of Grace: Praying With and For Your Children, Gregory and Suzanne M. Wolfe
Enter the Worship Circle, Ben Pasley
Ancient-Future Faith: Rethinking Evangelicalism for a Postmodern Word, Robert E. Webber
The Seeker’s Way: Cultivating a Longings of a Spiritual Life, Dave Fleming

Stan Grenz
The Millennial Maze: Sorting out Evangelical Options, Stan Grenz
Welcoming But Not Affirming
What Christians Really Believe and Why

Eugene Peterson
SOLDWhere Your Treasure Is
A Long Obedience
Leap Over a Wall
SOLDThe Wisdom of Each OtherSOLD! Answering God
Reversed Thunder

SOLD!< em>Real Sex, Lauren Winner
The Quest for the Radical Middle (Vineyard History), Jackson
Invading Secular Space, Martin Robinson & Dwight Smith
The Call to Conversion, Jim Wallis

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