Simple Way Community Fire

I know I said I wasn’t posting here for the summer, but a dear sibling community, Simple Way is in deep need right now. Here’s what I wrote at Magpie. If you know Shane and the tribe, or if this situation “rings” with you, please consider giving to these folks in Philly.


One of the best examples of humilty I can think of is Simple Way. Simple Way is a tiny community in Philedelpia’s inner core who try to live a (re)newed kind of Christianity which focuses on taking care of their neighborhood, the earth, and each other. Living at or below poverty level, these generous, clever, imaginative folks have found stunningly do-able ways to support and celebrate the poor but VIBRANT neighborhood in which they live. From helping the neighbor kids grow much needed produce in the backyard of an abandoned house, to shooting pollution sucking clover seed through the fence of a toxic dump site with supersized water guns, these folks refuse to believe that they are too small to make a difference.

Shane Claiborne is the public voice of Simple Way and I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with him at a conference and in conference calls. One of the things I appreciate most about Shane and Simple Way is that even though they live lives of awe-inspiring genersoity and sacrife, I never EVER feel guilty after talking to them. They manage to spread what they call “prophetic imagination” for a better environment and better neighborhoods without holier-than-thou attitudes or condemning speech — a gift rarely seen among dedicated activists. If I could describe Simple Way using only two words I’d say they were brilliant, and humble.

I was just preparing to blog about Simple way and thier stunning humility when I learned the Simple Way common house–in which members live at poverty level– several of their neighbor’s homes, and their neighborhood community center was destroyed this morning. The 7 alarm fire ripped through the low-income neighborhood decimating houses, cars, and business. Members of the Simple Way and their neighbors have lost all of their possesion, including their equipment for the small cottage industries that keep them afloat.

All my love, thoughts and spare change go out to this astonishing community who are teaching me to live with humility and hope. May they soon find their way back home.

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