Then and Now

My dear friend Jen made this beautiful video about women in Christianity as a part of a course at SPU. I dare you to watch it without crying — for the beauty and for the sorrow.

Watch here.

As always, when a woman in the church mentions the injustice and pain that our religious history has caused, and that much of our religious present is casuing, there is a backlash. So maybe you could go say something supportive to Jen here.

Much love, my sisters.

-the urban abbess

6 Responses to “Then and Now”

  1. Women in Christianity Says:

    […] (HT: Rachelle Mee-Chapman) […]

  2. Joyce Says:

    Thank you for sending us to that video. The video in itself is not angry, though it riled up a lot of resentment within me as I watched it. It is a sad commentary on a religion that teaches God is love, isn’t it.

  3. anj Says:

    You got me; I lost the dare. I’ve lost it everytime I’ve watched it. My 15 year old son lost the dare; he cried too.

  4. charity Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this…

  5. aola Says:

    I put the video up on my blog, too. I think everyone should see it.

    and, yes, I cried - I cry every time I watch it.

    My husband was outraged and so shocked to see what these Great Men of God had said about u.

  6. aola Says:

    meant to say “about us” … sorry ’bout that.