Lent and Beyond

It’s Holy Week, the final days of the Lenten season and the turn to Eastertide. My own Lenten practice this year was to create more silence in my life, especially in the car where I’m only just now beginning to feel the “what’s going on in the world” affect of not listening to NPR for several weeks. Silence is such and important, but difficult, discipline for me. I need it to clear my head of negative migraine energy, to make space for new things to grow, and to nuture reflection on this Jesus-y season.

During Lent I’ve been tooling about with some bead work. A few Lenten seasons ago I took up the habit of praying the Anglican version of a rosary. Although it’s not something I do every day, it’s still a centering practice I turn to, especially during times of strain or confusion. In that vein, I’m now offering a variety of prayer beads here. Each one comes with a traditional series of Christian prayers, and a set of alternative meditations. I especially like Vintage Faith, which has a beautiful vintage locket at the end. These aren’t inexpensive, but the beading is high quality and these rosetta stones will last you the better part of a life time. There are a VERY limited number of each strand, so order early if you have your heart set on one.

locket-prayer-chain.jpg delicate-cross-prayer-chain.jpgfeminine-face-of-god-prayer-chain.jpg

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Much Shalom!

-The Urban Abbess

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  1. Pat Says:

    hey sister - i ran into http://www.anamchara.org.uk/index.html a while back, which is a really interesting blog from a person who ties prayer ropes, etc. Thought you might enjoy it :-)