Funny Link From Feminists and Friends

Bob Carlton sent me this Patriarchy-to-English phrase book. The one I’ve most often experienced is:

Patriarchy: ‘you’re too emotional’
Translation: ‘this issue only hurts women, so why get upset?

6 Responses to “Funny Link From Feminists and Friends”

  1. Daniel Anderson Says:

    jesus hits me as a very emotional person all around.

    … i saw a good bumper sticker tonight (on a vaguely similar line of thought). it read:
    “If you’re not outraged, you haven’t been paying attention.”

    i think that may apply here.

  2. Jen Says:

    Ha ha…this is funny. Probably because this very week I’ve been examining all of my resistance around crying in front of people. And surprise surprise, a lot of it ends up being about “you’re too emotional”…

  3. Paul Roberts Says:

    More difficult to translate is: “You’re emotionally illiterate” …


  4. jen lemen Says:

    oh this is just too great. here’s the one i get the most:

    * Patriarchy: ‘you’re delusional’
    * Translation: ‘I can’t attack your argument, so I’ll have to attack you’

  5. Dana Ames Says:

    Yup, good stuff. Just found this thoughtful site:

    How are you feeling? Is the Botox helping yet?


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