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Ready? Go!

It’s Maundy Thursday, which means Passover at The House on Densmore Street. I’ve been migraine-y all week, and in bed for two days so we are cutting corners. At the prompting of my very shalom-y housemate, Sharon, I’ve ditched the complicated almond cakes, even though they are “tradition” (as my kids would say.) I did cave in though, and I went to “big church” to pick up the four long low tables , rather than just do the thing picnic style on the dinning room floor. Eden will be happy.
Monkfish Abbey Passover March 2005
I’d love to wax on and on about how much I love Passover, how I was hooked the very first time my parents hosted one and we had to move it from the dinning room into the garage because so many people came, and how I sat next to Grandma Li who could only say “Howareyou? Iamfine?” in English. But alas, I have no time. You can however, check out the beautiful photos Emily took of last year’s celebration here.

I bind unto myself today…
Last week we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with really important stuff like chocolate cake with green minty icing. There were four kiddos running around so we read a children’s book about the real St. Patrick (which pretty much taught the adults everything we know about him as well.) Iz found a beautiful icon and mounted it for us with some poems about and by St. P. I wanted to post everything here, but alas, I haven’t gotten to it yet. I really need to get the Monkfish Abbey site up so we can start shareware-ing these things. Next week, ya’ll start email me and light a fire under my butt for that okay?

Rise Party and Admiring People
Yesterday I went with Lacey Brown and Karen Ward to check out the space for the Church of the Apostles all-night Easter vigil/party. It’s a good space, not too big, with two bars and a balcony and enough space for the band and the dj/vj’s. It’s dingy and poorly painted – one of those places that really looks best with the lights off. But when Ryan fills the floor with oversized shreds of Easter grass and turns the whole space into a rave-y Easter basket, it will look great. Our “confessional” will be upstairs and modeled after this cool site and the Apostles will be roaming around with Communion on trays like servers at an upscale party. (Crab cake? Stuffed mushroom cap? Body and blood of Christ?) I think the club owners are going to be walking around scratching their heads and wondering why their bar tabs are a little on the low side, and why they haven’t had to clean puke out of the bathrooms yet.

While we were checking out the space Karen said that she likes setting up the party best. Once the party gets started she feels a little nervous. I was totally shocked and happy to hear her say that, because Karen comes off like this super confident go-for-it person. And I always feel nervous when I throw a party and that makes me feel like NOT a super confident go-for-it-person. But if Karen is a confident go-for-it-person and she feels spooked at parties – then maybe I’m a confident go-for-it-person even though I’m spooked at throwing parties. Go figure.

Knit one, Cry Two
I’m taking a knitting class and every time I can’t figure out what I’m dong I want to cry. Because, of course, being the complicated being that I am, it’s can’t be merely about trying to knit a scarf. Oh no! It has to be all wrapped up with the fact that my Grandma knitted, and that she’s nearing the end of her long rich life, and that I want to make her something before she dies. As Meg Ryan says in When Harry Met Sally, “I’m complicated.”

Things Anne Tells Me
The priestess says to write every day. She says that publishing is rarely what it’s cracked up to be, but writing is. Writing is worth it. Thank god for the priestess. She sure can keep me out of a heap ‘o trouble.

Okay. My fifteen minutes are up. Time to go chop parsnips and make matzo balls.

4 Responses to “Fifteen Minute Power Blog”

  1. CPM Says:

    Dearest Rachelle,

    I wanted to thank you for your valentine’s card, and had been meaning to write for some time. I just got home from our Maundy Thursday service at St. C’s and what a wonderful treat for me to dial you up tonight to see you celebrating Passover. It has brought back many fond memories of your Passover at Regent College. When you let you Irish Anglican friend make matzo ball soup and a whole bunch of other things that I forget.

    May God Bless you, Paul, Eden, Cate and all of your friends at Monkfish Abbey.


  2. Sue Says:

    I hope your Passover was as wonderful as it sounds rachelle.

    As for being complicated — check out my blog when you get a chance — my bio has “complicated” as one of the first descriptors. I suppose it keeps life, well, interesting.

    Apparently we look alike. I’m in Jen’s VC group, and she says we could be related.

  3. Pat Says:

    Haha… two weeks ago, before St. Pat’s day, I showed the Veggie Tales video on Patrick to the whole gang (kids and old kids). Pretty good stuff, and has the bonus of having a grapics style that looks an awful lot like South Park.

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